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O seu dever é levar o ouro dos fantasmas. A jogada bônus vai trazer aos jogadores o ouro buscado ainda mais depressa. Faça as apostas e gire as bobinas!


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    ysft503 (10) - 2019-03-11, 05:49
    Electromechanical Tyre Killers
    Model: EMTK001Electromechanical Tyre Killers General Description
    Electromechanical tyre killer is one of the highest security vehicle access control systems in which a vehicle without permission cannot enter. Tyres of the unpermitted vehicle splits open immediately, therefore the vehicle moves only a few more meters and is stopped. Jaws of the tire killer move all together. Drive unit is placed to one end of the tire killer, it stands above the ground level and is a complete assembly with the body. In this way, both smooth transmission of motion and minimum effect of external factors are achieved.
    GS electromechanical tyre killers are controlled by a PLC. Open/close function can be achieved by every kind of card readers, biometric readers like fingerprint etc, radio control on/off switch or key switch etc. Besides, safety accessories like loop detectors, photocells, flashing lights or red/green light can be integrated to the control electronics very easily. Time delay arming of the tire killer can be adjusted between 0-60 seconds.

    The tyre-killer is made of A3 steel and steel blade(Shape looks like speed bump). It adopts the mechanical and electrical integration remote control device,easily operated,safe and reliable.It is advanced equipment to intercept forbidden vehicles and terrorist vehicles.

    When the interception is needed, press the Up button on the remote control,then steel blade will rise up immediately. If the vehicle force through, the tyres will be punctured and deflated.When steel blade can effectively prevent the wheel passing and forced to stop.

    When the interception task is over,press the Down button, the blade will retract back to the casing and standby.
    Electromechanical Tyre Killer Technical Datasheet
    Items Specs
    Application range Intersection safe protection in main area
    Material Q235 steel/A3 steel
    Surface treatment Paint with reflective stripe
    IP IP67
    Standard color Black and yellow
    Length 3000mm
    Width 580mm
    Height from ground 70?110mm
    Min weight capacity 40T
    Blade height 150mm
    Blade thickness 10mm
    Operation mode Electromechanical
    Working environment -40??+70?
    Control mode Short range wireless remote control/drive-by-wire
    Remote Control distance ?30M
    Up/Down speed 2s
    Voltage 220V
    Electromechanical Tyre Killer Accessories (Optional)
    Flashing or red/green light
    Radio control receiver, transmitter and antenna
    Safety photocell, stand and casing
    On/off switch
    Loop detector
    Electromechanical Tyre Killer Layout Drawing
    Electromechanical Tyre Killers Installation ImageHeavy Duty Tire Killers

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